painless traffic

Painless Traffic

Hi, my name is Mick.

And I'm going to explain things real quick before I show you a demo of our updated, new and improved traffic system that generates tons of traffic and has generated income like this. 

painless traffic

painless traffic

Let's not get into a long story of who I am or was.

But, quickly.  I was a frustrated has-been that just couldn't hold a job. 

I tried to make money online. Mainly because… I couldn't find a job that I liked.

I bought a lot of so-called ‘systems’ out there to generate traffic that just didn’t work. Until I found out about a guy named Bill McRea.

Lucky for me, he lived in the same city I did, beautiful - Sunny San Diego...

This is a picture of his software company here is San Diego.

painless traffic

Bill shared with me how he has generated an amazing income selling other people’s products in all sort of different niches.

Not just selling his stuff or his product launches, but others as well.

After several beers and some fish tacos, I was able to talk Bill into giving me a copy for myself to beta test... and the rest is history.

painless traffic

pianless traffic

This is just some of my screenshots of the success I'm having doing affiliate offers with this software.

And this is not by selling my own products.

This is almost 100% affiliate offers using clickbank.

Now, not only is bill a good friend of mine, but we've become business partners.

And we're excited to launch the newest Version 3.0 of the Painless Traffic Software.

This is the software Bill and I collaborated on and made even better.

This software has been over two years in development and takes only seconds to implement instead of taking several hours like it did when we first created it.

So you're not getting last years old technology, this is the latest version we are using right now.

And just so you know, I’m not going to get into a long winded explanation of all the crummy software and thousands of wasted dollars I had to sift through before I finally found Bill and his software.  

I’m sure you've gone through similar headaches with other so-called automated software.

Some of you guys know the pain…

The pain that we all had to go through trying to use software or the latest 'Get Rich Quick' "Formula" that doesn't really do what it's supposed to.

painless traffic

I want to demonstrate to you how this software actually works.

And best of all, you won't have to do any of the following: 

painless traffic

painless traffic

Okay so I’m on this website here, this is where you go to log in.

The page loads like this. 

I login using my username, password.

painless traffic 

Got it?

Ok... Now we’re in.

Alright. This is all you do.

Watch now. I simply type in a website address URL.

painless traffic 

This can be your website or a friends or the one you want to drive the traffic to, right?

And if you don’t have a website... No problem.

Just add an affiliate link, let’s say for a ClickBank offer or Commission Junction.

And there you have it.

That’s it. There’s your link.

Because all you’re doing, is telling the software where to send the traffic.

Next I choose a category in Category 1... I'll choose 'Leadership'.

painless traffic

And if I want to select a second category...

I can choose a different term here in Category 2.

painless traffic

Now I select the 'Submit Button' and that's all there is to it.

painless traffic

That's it.

How long did that take me?

Five seconds?... Ten seconds tops?.

painless traffic

This time I will submit my ClickBank Site, Home Business Success Kit.

I add my website URL.

painless traffic

Choose my first category...

painless traffic

Choose my second category...

painless traffic

And now hit 'Submit'...

painless traffic

That's it...

All done!

painless traffic

Now, if you are submitting websites with Amazon Ads, I’m sure you can buy a program on Weight Loss, or Stop Smoking, or Dog Training.

But did you know there are sites that pay you even higher commissions?

I don’t want to get into much of it.

Some of you guys may already know this.

ClickBank is a company that will pay out even higher commissions than Amazon.

painless traffic

I already explained this earlier.

So ask yourself...

Do you want to make $5 bucks or $40 bucks on a Weight Loss or Stop Smoking offer?

Some of you guys know this, some of you don’t. But don’t worry about it.

If I click here, you’ll see, here’s my website.

This website is a simple Wordpress website.

painless traffic

And all the ads are my affiliate ads. Each ad has my affiliate link.

Okay. I don’t want to go into a bunch of detail… but that’s it. 

A simple WordPress site or blog...

All I did was put in my Affiliate link and ID number.

And it syncs right up with what is going on with ClickBank.

It also automatically syncs with Google and Yahoo searches as well.

Pretty cool...

So basically all I did was add my websites domain name...

Add my category that best defines what my website is about...

And submit the URL. Bam!

The whole process took me less than Ten 10 seconds.

Okay, well that was quick and definitely Pain Less !!!

No guess work.

painless traffic

This software basically just reduced our 'learning curve' to 10 seconds.

And this is what Bill and I use right now to generate tons of cash month after month.

Look at these numbers. This is straight out of ClickBank.

painless traffic

Well, there you have it.

And oh, I didn’t tell you the price...

The price is ONLY 

Painless Traffic

painless traffic

So Get It Now...

If it’s not as easy as I just showed you, simply return it.

We have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If this software doesn't do EXACTLY what I've shown you right now, send me an email and I’ll refund every penny you've spent immediately.

No Questions Asked...

painless traffic



I’m not going to get into some huge, long and boring pitch of why you should buy this software.

I’m sure you bought a ton of other stuff that must have made you Super Happy and made you a ton of money...

And it may have been even easier than Copying and pasting a URL.

And if that’s the case... Don’t order our product. 

We part as friends and you go back to using last years 'One Click Button Software' or the latest 'Super Automated While You Sleep' software...

I won’t blame you...

That's ok.

That’s my offer.

Click the button below.

painless traffic

Only $1 To Start Your Trial and $19.95/month therefater. Cancel Anytime.
Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM


It’s pretty straight forward.

We offer excellent support for our clients.

If you're not serious about making REAL money online, please leave room for others that really need this system.

P.S.  We know the amount of traffic this software version can deliver to each of our clients and we can’t bog down our server capacity, so we are limiting the amount of people that can register for this version.

P.P.S. If the link is not available later this week, I apologize... We are anticipating our next scheduled version upgrade to be available ONLY for those that purchase our new updated Painless Traffic 3.0 Software today.

painless traffic

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